Auditorium Shores is a wonderful place. Ive experienced some of the most (adjective) moments here that have made me just feel happy to be in the moment. This park hosts some of the most fun events annually. For example, FUN FUN FUN Fest is so like….FUN! I mean it definitely lives up to the name. I went by myself freshman year and although I wished I wasn’t going alone at the time, it was one of the most fun things Ive ever done. Because I didn’t know anyone I just let loose and danced my ass off with a bunch of strangers and Santigold. Yes, thats right Santigold. She invited me on stage along with a bunch of other students and we all got down to her song “Creator.” I will never forget that feeling. *wipes away tear*. SXSW schedules some of the biggest artists there like Flaming Lips, Foster the People, and Cafe Tacvba to name a few. I once ran all the way from I35 to Auditorium shores to see Cafe Tacvba.

Although there are a lot of fun festivals that go on here. When that is not all happening, it can also be a very relaxing place...


800 W Riverside Dr
Austin, TX 78704

Hours: 5am-10pm

Phone: (512) 974-6700

Type: Park

Cost: Free/Depends on Event

Distance from St.Edward's: 2.6 miles