mtbonnell at sunset

   Creative Commons


3800 Mt. Bonnell Rd
Austin, TX 78731

20 minutes from SEU
Public Park

Hours: 5am-10pm (best to go at night)

I really enjoy places near any body of water being that I am from a coastal city. One thing I really miss about being home (and there isn’t much) is the ability to drive around the down town area near the ocean. Here in Austin driving is more of a pain and not so easy to do leisurely.

But Mt. Bonnell is a great spot I like to visit late at night and I can still be near the water and have a similar experience. At night it’s quiet and calm as opposed to the noisiness of the daytime foot traffic. When I go here at night I can sit in the quietness of the dark and glow of the city; it allows me to gather my thoughts and work through them.