person standing by graffiti

    Photo Credit: McKenzie Hughes


1012 Baylor St.
Austin Tx 78703

Hours: 7am-9pm

Cost Admission: Free

Distance from St. Edward's: 4.3 miles

Facebook: Hope Outdoor Gallery

The Hope Outdoor Gallery, also known as Castle Hill, also known as the Austin Graffiti Park, is an inspiration mother-load. There’s every color, every artistic style all splattered around on the cement structures that surround you. The gallery is not a static installation; it changes and evolves. You can see artists come and add their own signatures to the place (you have to register though, can’t just stop by with a spray can). It feels as though it’s grown naturally out of the very environment and culture of the city.

The first time I found out about this place was during an exploration of Austin where my sister a UT alum, took my brother and sister-in-law, first time visitors to Austin, and me, the St. Edwards freshman, to see all of the places she calls “Austin Institutions.” I mentioned that I needed to take pictures of interesting things for my photography class and she immediately said, “I know where we need to go next” and directed us to Castle Hill. With no idea what to expect, it was fantastic to see for the first time. It was so enticing that I, a highly un-athletic person, was driven to climb head over feet over the concrete outcroppings in order to see every bit of it…while in a skirt.

For the artist or the writer or the photographer or anyone with a shred of appreciation for creativity or a sense of wonder, the Hope Outdoor Gallery is a must-see experience.