peaceĀ·ful: adj. Free from disturbance; Tranquil

The Zilker Botanical Gardens are truly a gem. The gardens were erected in 1963 after being petitioned to the city of Austin by seven Austin Garden Clubs. The purpose of these gardens is to promote the education and love of gardening amongst people of all ages. There are a total of ten different gardens, with each having their own unique atmosphere and environment. Some exclusive Features that these gardens have include: a Zen garden, an area with a variation of plant grown herbs, and a butterfly garden.

The reason for why this place is special to me is because the botanical gardens is a space where you can escape the pressures of everyday stress, and let your mind relax and be in tune with nature. Every garden showcases plants in a artistic manner that flows nicely no matter which route you decide to take. Certain spots such as the butterfly garden or Taniguchi gardens are especially special to me. Those two particular spots make me feel serene and at peace. Any time I want to relax or get away from the busy city, having a large-scale garden inserted in the middle of a busy city, is a nice escape. The atmosphere really takes you away to a place of relaxation.

2220 Barton Springs Rd,
Austin, TX 78746

ZBG's winter hours are 9am - 5:30pm
(Last entry at 5pm)
(Hours vary according to season)


Garden Center

1 for children (ages 3-12)
2 for adults, Austin resident (ages 13-61)
3 for adults, non-resident (ages 13-61)
1 for seniors (age 62 & over)

Distance from St. Edward's
4.0 miles