Fire Pit

Warmth: adj. An excited or fervent state of the feelings; strength or glow of feeling; fervent or vehement character (of an expression, welcome, salute, etc.); ardour, enthusiam; cordiality, heartiness.

The Spider House cafe and ballroom has been a hot spot in Austin since it opened in 1995. The outdoor patio bar offers a laid back environment that encompasses all things Austin. From the perfectly frothed latte to the painstakingly mixed cocktail, Spider house offers unique treats that perfectly complement an evening with friends. Spider House offers an experience unlike any other place in Austin. It’s a place where you can find the perfect study nook, enjoy a coffee by the outside fire or even catch a show in the ballroom. Austin’s unique culture thrives through places like this.

I first went to Spider House when I was visiting Austin to see if I wanted to transfer to St. Edward’s. My best friend was a UT student who frequented Spider House and knew that it’s eclectic charm and fervor would appeal to me. We sat under an old gazebo lined with Christmas lights. I remember that the white paint was chipping off of the gazebo that revealed areas of maroon paint. It was damaged, but beautiful—like so many things in Austin.

2906 & 2908 Fruth St,
Austin, TX 78705

Cafe Hours
11am-2pm, 7 days a week

Ballroom Hours
5pm-2am, 7 nights a week


Patio Bar


Coffee Shop


Late Night


Distance from St. Edward's
6.7 miles