Am·o·rous: adj. showing or expressing love

A beauty and a peaceful escape. This landmark is a standing testament of true love and devotion. The Italian style villa was build on a piece of land that was previously owned by Steven s Austin, who desired himself to build a home on the land. In 1914 Hal Sevier built the picturesque home for his new bride Clara Driscoll which was inspired by a honeymoon visit to Lake Como in Italy. They began populating the area with both native and foreign plants in an attempt to further beautify the land. The attempt was successful. Their home was later donated and became an art museum. Other parts of the land were used to build a school where children take art classes. The large property also contains many trails, some of which lead to the lake. The foliage along with the sculptures creates a surreal and inspiring atmosphere where many can take a break from the speed of city life.

Once you arrive to the location you can see many works of art, wild life, many interesting varieties of plants, and gorgeous vistas. Being in the space is utterly captivating. There are many places to sit and relax, or perhaps draw the surrounding scenery. You can breath in the clean air and feel waves of happiness enter your soul.

3809 West 35th Street,
Austin, TX 78703
512 458 8191

Tuesday - Sunday 10A - 4P
Monday - Saturday 9A - 5P
Sunday 10A - 5P

Historic garden


Adults $5
Seniors & Students $3
Under 18 & Military FREE
Tuesday FREE

Distance From SEU 11.9 miles