Hope Outdoor Gallery

In·tro·spec·tive: adj. Having the quality of looking within; examining into one's own thought's, feelings, or mental condition, or expressing such examination; of, pertaining to, characterized by, or given to introspection.

Previously known as "the Foundation", HOPE Outdoor Gallery was introduced back in March 2011. The gallery is an educational "paint park" organized by the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign with help from SprATX and Castle Hill Partners. The beauty of this gallery is the constantly changing graffiti art that builds upon one another.

My experience at HOPE Outdoor Gallery was very serene, I was taken to this place by a friend who wanted to show me interesting places he's been to. We went around 8pm and there were only a few people there still. The night before it had just rained but we still decided to take the trek to the top of the hill. Walking along the side of the hill, we eventually arrived and were met with a beautiful night time view of Austin. Sitting at the top of the hill was surprisingly peaceful in the midst of all the city commotion, even with other people there, I felt at peace while thinking about my new experiences since moving to Austin.

Photo Cred: Peter Tsai

1012 Baylor St.
Austin, TX 78703



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Distance from St. Edward's
4 miles